We are Sigma Squared.

Sigma Squared Society is a global community of 1000+ entrepreneurs who are on a mission to transform broken industries and create positive impact. With a presence across five continents and 25+ countries, our mission is to identify and empower the next generation of leaders by providing them with access to like-minded founders, investors, mentors, partners and events.

The Sigma Squared Society was previously known as the Kairos Society which started in the United States more than 13 years ago in 2008. Sigma Squared launched as a new organization following Kairos Society’s decision to focus on their new fund and to sunset their fellowship program. Sigma Squared Society plans to remain in close partnership with the Kairos Society and to keep the origins of Kairos Society strong and intact.

The minds behind
Sigma Squared.

Steering committee

Emanuel Jöbstl

Community Director

Julia Zhou

Director of Partnerships

Sebastian Becker

Investment Relations Director

Greta Pappa

Summit Co-Managing Director

Summit team

Greta Pappa

Co-Managing Director

Johannes Oster

Co-Managing Director

Aleksandra Reinert

Communications & Marketing Lead

Ivan Garcia

Volunteers Lead

Investment relations

Sebastian Becker

Investor Relations Director

Lin Liu

Head of Platform

Philipp Werner

Head of Investor Partnership

Laura Egg

Head of Angel-Network

Mona Ghazi

Head of Fundraising Academy

Juan Pablo Carrillo Estefan

Investor Partnerships LatAm


Emanuel Jöbstl

Community Director

Ronja Holopainen

Regional Director
Europe North West

Juan Pablo Carrillo Estefan

Regional Director
Latin America

Jack Huang

Regional Director
North America

Danilo Mirabile

Italy (Sicily)

Severin Ruoff


Florian Tschopp


Dominik Doerner

Germany (Karlsruhe)

Vaitea Cowan

Germany (Berlin)

Jonathan Kurth

Germany (Cologne)

Linda Karger

Germany (Munich)

Anjali Agarwal


Dorina Döring


Marketing team

Elena Tringali

Marketing Deputy Director

Ariel Kramer

External Communications Director

Julia Schmedding

Social Media Manager

Miray Ayyildiz

Content Creator


David Rowan

Founding Editor-in-Chief at WIRED UK

Xavier Sarras

Founding Partner of 4P Capital

Ricardo Marvao

Founder of beta-i

Nikolaus Widmann

Managing Director at inewa