Sigma Squared Society Launches following the sunset of Kairos Society’s Fellowship: Continuing Kairos’s Mission to Shape Future Global Leaders and Innovators

After 13 successful years of catalyzing impact-driven ventures and facilitating numerous investments and collaborations between bright young talent and high profile executives, Sigma Squared Society has launched as a new organization following Kairos Society’s decision to focus primarily on their new fund.  

Sigma Squared Society is a non-profit organization and global community of over 1,000 entrepreneurs in 30+ countries, selected to build impact-driven ventures and transform broken industries. 

Prior to the launch of Sigma Squared Society, Kairos Society has been globally recognized for their accomplishments such as churning out 10 unicorn companies and the support by highly respected entrepreneurs, politicians and investors. 

Sigma Squared Society plans to keep the origins of Kairos Society strong and intact as Kairos Society has chosen to sunset their fellowship program.

Kairos Society launched their fellowship program in the United States in 2008 when the organization was founded. They made it their mission to find the best and brightest talent under 26 to create companies that would solve some of the world’s biggest problems. 

The organization’s relationship with high profile individuals has helped empower and transform the fellows into problem-solvers for some of the most pressing issues around the globe.

“Supporting those who build a bright future has been incredibly rewarding. We look forward to continuing to build this community and eventually reach a global scale with Sigma Squared Society at which we are able to discover and support all young founders globally. I am confident that many of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century will be solved by members in this community” – Daniel Dippold, President of Sigma Squared Society 

Well-known entrepreneurs and world leaders such as Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Corinne Vigreux, co-founder of TomTom, Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Skype and several others have been active within and supported the Kairos community. 

Today, Sigma Squared Society is going full speed ahead to continue to ignite innovation, solutions and foster impactful relationships throughout government and industry sectors around the world.

Currently, Sigma Squared Society spans across four continents and will continue to hand-pick 100 fellows every year to catalyze the next generation of impact-driven entrepreneurs. 

“We are very happy to see Sigma Squared carrying on the mission and legacy of the original Kairos Fellowship: to focus the leaders of the future on the world’s biggest challenges. The Kairos Fellowship was built on the efforts of hundreds of mission-driven entrepreneurs around the world and created opportunities for many thousands of young entrepreneurs. We believe this vision will continue thanks to the Sigma Squared team, who have been living and breathing this for the past several years.” – Alex Fiance, Co-founder of Kairos

The organization puts a strong emphasis on finding professionals who prioritize giving back and creating value-driven ventures that solve real-world problems. Sigma Squared Society selects every individual to ensure the entire community has shared values and goals.  

Current Sigma Squared Society members have played a major role in finding solutions for  various problems within climate change, education, healthcare and more. Several members have also been behind developing and setting up covid testing centers in major transit hubs around the world, developing solutions for accurate testing results, providing educational resources for covid 19 globally and more.  

In the coming 5 years, Sigma Squared Society plans to expand to 25 more countries across all continents and to strengthen the collaborations amongst its various chapters and members. Sigma Squared Society aims to position itself as the #1 youth entrepreneurship organization in the world that gathers the most promising founders under 26. 

Written by Ariel Kramer, External Communications Director of Sigma Squared Society

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