Empowering the world's most
founders under 26.

Who we are.

Sigma Squared is a global community of 1000+ entrepreneurs who are on a mission to transform broken industries and create positive impact. Sigma Squared was previously known as the Kairos Society which started in the United States more than 13 years ago in 2008.

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Sigma Squared is a place of people with similar objectives and mindsets who strive to make a positive impact in the world.

Corinne Goddijn-Vigreux

Co-Founder & CMO at TomTom

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*Video of our previous EU Summit before rebranding to Sigma Squared.

Everybody who mixes with people in corporate jobs, in academic roles, needs to step back and meet people like the Sigma Squared Fellows, the Sigma Squared community because you’ll have your ideas challenged.

David Rowan

Founding Editor-in-Chief, WIRED UK

What We Do.


The Sigma Squared Fellowship brings together the world’s best entrepreneurs under 26 Each year, 100+ new Fellows join the Fellowship. Entry via nominations only.


The Sigma Squared Summit is a global invite-only event that unites leading entrepreneurs, executives and thought leaders to create positive impact.

Investor relations

To support the growth of our founders and their companies, we provide fundraising support through a network of 100+ angel investors, VCs and family offices all around the world.

Formerly Known as Kairos Society Europe

Bill Clinton

Kairos transcends [international] boundaries because in our interdependent world, there are no borders when it comes to the pressing issues that we all face.

– Bill Clinton – Fmr. President of the United States of America


Some of the world’s most influential leaders – individuals and corporations alike – are looking for Kairos Fellows for a fresh perspective on how to tackle the next generation of global problems.

– Sir Richard Branson – CEO, Virgin Group

What our fellows say about
Sigma Squared.

Sigma Squared is where curiosity, humility and ambition meet. Fellows are dedicated to realizing their vision and sharing their learnings along the way. Being a part of Sigma Squared is the best energizer one can find!
Vaitea Cowan
Co-Founder of Enapter
I’m part of Sigma Squared to connect with other brilliant minds and amazing humans. Through Sigma Squared, I've spoken at several major conferences and have built my network and friends group globally.
Omar Bawa
Co-Founder of Goodwall
Sigma Squared is a great place to create friendships with ambitious people. Having a peer group where people support each other and are happy when others are successful is immensely helpful.
Julian Lindinger
Co-Founder of PowerUs
I believe Sigma Squared is a unique community full of inspiring, young entrepreneurs that are ready to make the world a better place. It is simply amazing to be in contact with likeminded people that are really focused on solutions rather than problems. Self-development is the key to changing your environment and that is why I like the approach of Sigma Squared, where personal and professional development are both viewed as one.
Josefien Groot
CEO of QLayers, EU Rising Innovator
What I find cool about Sigma Squared is that everyone can use the network as they need it. You can ask for help in any field and will quickly get good answers. At the same time, you can also help other founders directly. No bullshit talk, no wishy-washy - especially great for founders like me who don't want to waste their time on boring networking events, but want to concentrate directly on their business and helping others with theirs.
Tim Reiter
Co-Founder of Kolibri Games, CEO of ebb & Flow Game
Being part of Sigma Squared has been one of the key experiences in my life, on both a professional and personal level. Through Sigma Squared, I’ve had the chance to meet incredibly like-minded, inspiring and smart fellow entrepreneurs from all across Europe who are always there to lend a helping hand. Many have become very close friends of mine over the past few years. It truly is a one-of-a-kind community like no other I’ve been part of.
Julia Zhou
Communications Director at Sigma Squared

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